I used to spend my time thinking I'll be fine...

I remember the first time I listened to LIFE OF AGONY knowingly. It was
back in 2002 I think, when I found a well ruined copy of their album
"Soul Searching Sun" deep in the bottom shelf of a rack in my friend Tobi's
room. As I asked Tobi what the record's like and he told that even his
grandma would love it. So, I took it home and let it on heavy rotation the
whole summer. And there was the song called "Angry Tree", a song with
a simple offbeat theme that explodes into a fantastic Alternative-Song after
the bridge (including a pretty cheap guitar-solo, haha).
My accidentally tribute to this song is my new picture. And fuck it, I had
lots of troubles with the colours, I tried different shitty hippie-schemes and
a very (very very very) ugly 90's-horror-movie-look before I got the final
and pretty exiting colors! It was real great fun to draw all that washed out
red! See the bird, he's my new friend, haha! Enjoy!

Cheers, Robert


  1. Merci, der Vogel ist übrigens heißer Anwärter auf "Plüschtier des Jahres" hihi.

  2. If you made a toy bird like that, I would definitely buy it!
    Cool art!