Hey folks,

You may have noticed that I've been off for about three months. The reason's not that I lost my motivation and started a career as bank business management assistant or security officer. The reason is the birth of my daughter in April which let me take a break from my creative job. Now, I'm trying to continue the work on my children's book. My plan is to have a finished product in the end of September so that I can show the thing to publishers at the book fair in Frankfurt in early October. Very ambitious! I did a timetable with the different milestones until the end of September. And what can I say? There's fucking much work to do. And I must do a lot of things: finishing the sketches of the pages, doing all workouts, scanning, coloring, doing the layout, looking for potential publishers, making promo material and shit like that... I'm very curious if I will manage this mountain of work while there is a little life around that's begging for attention. I guess I will handle it somehow.

Here is the actual state of affairs. Some of the pictures are very well developed. The missing ones will be created a bit looser and on the fly so I won't take so much time with the previsualisation. My plan is to finish the sketches within the next week and start in week 30 with the workout cuz this will take much time. Very ambitious. Let's do it!

Cheers, Robert





This is what happens when you use to sleep a few hours over weeks. The picture's done over different days with biro in small timeframes between sleeping, sitting my daughter and the day in day out chaos.

Cheers, Robert


Hey Folks.

It took some time to post it but here's some new line-art done with a black biro! The rough idea lay around on my desk for some months before I finally decided to realize it in some hours.

Cheers, Robert





Hope you're fine! As you might know I'm out of my band THE.SPINES for a few months now. I quit cuz I  wanted to do more drawing stuff. And of course I do. The children's book is growing and I'm stuck with some free illustrations. And now I did the poster for my final show with THE.SPINES. Some faded colors and a dismembered drug girl are going well with my feelings. I'd love to stay in this band but I can't. I have to draw and I hope it's worth the sacrifice! One line from one of our songs goes "...without you motherfuckers I'm an amputee". We will play this song on that show.

Cheers, Robert



Dear Folks!

I give you another round off my tiny sketchbook. Freestyle-Sketch-Action forever!

Cheers, Robert




Hm, I guess, I forgot a thing. Some months ago I made a post where I wrote about a job in my real job. Since some months this "job" is finished and I can finally present you the result. The animation promotes a networking solution for the company I'm in. I simply did the character design while the marketing department did all the rest. Enjoy!

Cheers, Robert





here I am again and I give you some new work-in-progress stuff from my children's book project. The ideas grow and with it the tiny world of these nice creatures. In some weeks I guess I'm going to have all the pictures developed. Then I will assemble all these sketches to some kind of a storyboard and see whats next... But until then there's a little hard work to do. So, let's go on!

Cheers, Robert




Yo people!

Sometimes I use to dream. One night a few days ago I dreamt of this thing below. I guess, my subconscious mind has a fine sense of humor.

Cheers, Robert




Hey Folks,

This week I went on with the creation of the pages. I did some stuff over the last weeks but there is still a lot of work to be done. How I create a picture out of the blue? Well, I have a thought of what must be shown on the page or a feeling how the mood must be and then I start sketching. I mostly start with the "main attraction area" where the action is and then there follow some "unpopular" spaces where you can discover things. Normally I use to make a few versions before I vaguely have that still from that movie which is in my mind. Then I continue with placing objects, "terraforming", setting dark and bright areas and so on. The more concrete the pictures get, the more details and their position, size, color and meaning will be determined. I'm totally exited to see where this will guide me!
I even did some character design for a "dark creature" which will be a nice college of our main character. I tried different styles between Dracula, mad scientists and Matrix agents and I guess over the next week there will be my favorite character screaming and shouting at me: "Hey! Choose me!" Until then I simply go on and enjoy what I do!

Cheers, Robert