Here's a picture you can file under "things I do, when your kid doesn't let you sleep on sunday morning". Done with a fresh Pentel Sign Pen in my sketchbook.

Cheers, Robert



Hey Dudes!

Two weeks ago I've been on a concert with my old buddies from THE.SPINES. It was a little strange to see them live without me. I hired myself for selling the merch this evening where I did this tiny picture in just some minutes.

Cheers, Robert




Hey folks!

Hope you're doing fine! I've had a little chaotic week. Sometimes it's tricky as hell to keep all the personal-job-drawing-whatever-things of life well arranged. But I won't complain, since I have finished the next seven pictures. While I'm very comfortable with coloring the monsters and the surroundings by now, the real hard thing this time was the lighting. You as frequent reader of this blog may have noticed that I already used light in my pictures. Here I had to create different sources of light like fire or electrical light with different tonal values as well as the diffusion of the light. Just see the picture with the fireplace or the one with the truck. Eventually the truck picture will corrected a little. I'm not satisfied with how the light diffuses and the fake aperture reflects the light. But let's get the rest finished and then work on details like this. Most fun in this case was the cityscape again. I guess, it's one of my favorite pictures of the book, even with it's clean look!

Cheers, Robert




Boys and Girls!

Today I can give you the first seven colored pictures of my children's book. I activated my personal turbo-boost to quicken the process a little. In fact, I digged out my old Intous 3 Tablet and sent my Bamboo on vacation. The Intous has a much better performance which allows me to work faster. After I developed and determined the color scheme in the beginning of the last week, I colored the pictures in the free corners of my life. I'm not really sure if I'll leave all the colors how they're now but I guess the result is near to the 80%-perfection I want to reach.
For me, it's unusual to see this tiny monster-world in colors for I have seen it in black and white so many months. But I really like how the thing is turning out. I'm totally thrilled to see the finished book and with a little luck I'm hopefully going to find a suitable publisher. Let's do some more!

Cheers, Robert




Dear People!

I'm glad to say, that I finished all the drawings for the book. All drawings except for the cover. And there was some tough stuff again. See the party at the end or flight or all those books... Some pictures were really hard because the lack of a previsualization. Most of the pictures are already scanned so that I can start with the coloration in the next week. I'm pretty happy how the result turned out until now. The colors will hopefully push the whole thing even a little further. My good old buddy, the timetable, says that I have two weeks for the colors and the layout before I'm going to send the data to the print shop. With a little luck I have an 80%-perfect dummy at the beginning of the next month! But first, I will celebrate this great milestone with some beer with my friends.

Cheers, Robert




Boys and Girls!

It took a time since my last post but here I am with new drawn stuff. With these seven new pictures I have 16 pictures complete, 6 are still remaining and I hope to get them finished within the next two weeks. I saved up the heavy ones for the end so that I have some more fun when air is going to be thin. The children's party and the city scape were the most tough ones in this session. They took me several hours and over night waiting but in the end I got these things done. So, let's do the rest!

Cheers, Robert





I just finished the first half of my children's book illustrations. Let this rocket go on! Swoosh!

Cheers, Robert




Dear Dudes & Dudettes!

Here is the second batch of my workout stuff done over the last week. Pretty strange to stay inside when the weather's that good but hey, there's a job to do. Furthermore creating these pictures is huge fun for me. Can't wait to see this finished! But I hope that I can cope with that book because I'm behind my timetable. I'd have to do two more pictures this week to be in time. Bad luck but there are still three weeks to get all that shit finished. Ching ching and see you later!

Cheers, Robert



Hey People!

Within the last week I started with the workout of the pictures. I had to though there are  four pictures quite uncreated. But my timetable said I had to start with the workout, there's no time to lose. And so I have to make these nonexisting pictures on the fly even that's total shit because this will take much time for the workout of one picture than one with a clear state. C'est la vie or more specifically my own fucking fault!

However, here are the first four pictures in the final state. Made in A3 with pencil. It's exiting to work in a bigger way than only in my sketchbook. On average it took me about 4-5 hours for one picture. I hope to get faster with the following ones, otherwise I have to set the deadline for the finished book in March next year. Later this shit will be scanned and colored digital. But first I'm gonna do the remaining 18 pictures. There are four weeks left for that on my timetable. Go!

Cheers, Robert



Hey folks,

You may have noticed that I've been off for about three months. The reason's not that I lost my motivation and started a career as bank business management assistant or security officer. The reason is the birth of my daughter in April which let me take a break from my creative job. Now, I'm trying to continue the work on my children's book. My plan is to have a finished product in the end of September so that I can show the thing to publishers at the book fair in Frankfurt in early October. Very ambitious! I did a timetable with the different milestones until the end of September. And what can I say? There's fucking much work to do. And I must do a lot of things: finishing the sketches of the pages, doing all workouts, scanning, coloring, doing the layout, looking for potential publishers, making promo material and shit like that... I'm very curious if I will manage this mountain of work while there is a little life around that's begging for attention. I guess I will handle it somehow.

Here is the actual state of affairs. Some of the pictures are very well developed. The missing ones will be created a bit looser and on the fly so I won't take so much time with the previsualisation. My plan is to finish the sketches within the next week and start in week 30 with the workout cuz this will take much time. Very ambitious. Let's do it!

Cheers, Robert