boys and girls, i had some months of silence around my creative output. despite you’re not an insta-follower for my stuff, you probably thought i quit. well, i had some heavy months where i made manymanymany decisions… but maybe i will talk about that shit later.

today i give you some new artwork stuff i did for a german punk band from my hometown. the band’s called KERNS and they just finished their new ep called „FÜR DICH KEIN HANSA MEHR“. hansa is german beer brand so you can translate the title with „NO MORE HANSA FOR YOU“. but don't be afraid, only the title's in german. the picture was done very fast with biro, scanned and typo added. check out these friendly dudes and have a hansa!

cheers, robert

p.s.: my shift key is broken „smile-emoticon“



Yo Dudes!
I got a new tool. My old Intous 3 Tablet retired because I made a present to myself. In the hope of being a little more productive in my illustrative cases I bought a Cintiq. And finally I can do what I wanted to do so much earlier: Drawing fully digital pictures. My Intous fucked up pretty good in the performance, it had much delays in bringing the lines on the screen and it made horrible shaky lines. I hated creating digital images and asked myself if ther's something wrong with my drawing style. Now I know it wasn't. It's been a technical reason. Trying the Cintiq showed that everything is fine with me. I tried some line art as well as a character study shown below to get warm with my new tool. The drawing feels very natural. Doing line art feels nearly analog to what I do on paper. And now I'm gonna push my horizon by starting to paint digital. I really love digitally painted pictures. For my first try it's looking not that bad. Below the picture there's the analog template and a painting I tried with the Intous earlier. I prefer the upper picture. The only thing that's left to do now is getting better and faster. Swoosh!

Cheers, Robert




Hey folks!

This time I give you two illustrations I made two weeks ago. I used ink and watercolor.

Cheer, Robert




Boys and Girls!

I did some tiny picture story by accident while my daughter tried to improve her crawling skills. I worked on it over a few days just for some minutes. I tried a coloring but I prefer the "naked" version. Ah, when I had to name the file after scanning I listened to the BEACH BOYS.

Cheers, Robert



Hey Folks!

We got a little further with the thing that’s hopefully turning out as a computer game. After I tried the character with pencil and faded digital colors last time we decided to try a new look. Flow placed the figure in some of the mood pictures and we saw that the character doesn’t work well with the hard outlined backgrounds. The best result made a picture made with charcoal. So we decided to implement the style with charcoal. Everything. Characters, objects, landscapes.

First I drew the character map once again which was great fun because drawing with charcoal is way faster than with pencil. Last year, we already had some plans to do shit like we're doing right now and I thought about drawing with charcoal and so I did a rough test animation of the landscape. I wanted to try the effect of different layers in association with the blurring of the atmosphere. I gave Andi and Flow the graphic parts and they built a quick and dirty test room, where they placed the charcoal character and voilà: the style looks great.

From the technical side we also want a blurry visualization to the player but we have to see how can achieve this without wasting all performance resources.

I just added some modular plants and a connectable tree and Flow did a nice landscape today. Ah, and we did a first rough level map which shall give us some visionary guiding light.

Cheers, Robert

Test Landscape

Charcoal Character with Graphic Parts of Previous Animation Test

First rough Level Map




Screenshot from the Animation Test 2014



Dear Folks!

Here's a tiny sketch I colored a bit.

Cheers, Robert



Hey Dudes!

I just launched a new project. My new blog "HEY KING!" is online! From now on I will do a weekly cartoon to push myself a little in a creative way. The cartoon's about the horse King and the girl Mona and can be read by all dudes that are able to speak German.The form is very loose. I just use a pentel pen to illustrate the created dialogues and do a slightly coloring with pencils. Visit the BLOG frequently and don't miss a single issue!

Cheers, Robert



Hey Folks,

it's been a while since my last post (again). But here are hot news for you. I'm currently working on the documentation of my bachelor thesis (right, I've done it back in 2011, but I've never documentated it in a suitable way). This means, I'm doing lot of Photoshop- and Blogger-work and try to reassemble my memories... Totally nuts.

But here are some news for game. We (my buddies Andi and Flow and myself) worked a little further on the main character. I did two more views while Andi and Flow tried to bring the drawing into 3d. Here is a first rough look. We will try to make that bastard with charcoal instead of pencil and digital color. Let's see how it works.

Cheers, Robert







Here's a picture I loosely doodled with pencil in my sketchbook last summer. I always wanted to ink it but I never found any time for it. Until now. I'm not 100% percent satisfied with all the lines especially with the forest and Stegosaurus in the middle of the picture but that's life... All in all, it's quite good.

Cheers, Robert  





Yesterday, I went a last time to our rehearsal room and grabbed all my shit (amp, guitars, records and other shit) and found to my own surprise three older drawings from about 2009/2010. I can remember that I did some more drawings in some sketchbook, where we used to catch song ideas and setlist arrangements but we lost it at a show in Cologne. Sob story...

Cheers, Robert